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Here is a gallery of my first computers...

ZX Spectrum

My first computer: a ZX Spectrum

Performance features:

  • Z80A with 3,5 MHz
  • 48 kByte RAM
  • 16 kByte ROM
  • Graphik resolution 256 x 192 pixels
  • Microdrive with 85 kByte storage space each cardrigde

Speech Genarator

My first self-made device: a speech synthesizer

This device can be attached to a computer via the printer interface. It produced spoken text of each data sent to the printer interface.

Performance features:

  • Z80A with 4 MHz
  • Operating system programmed in assembler
  • Input of text via the centronics interface
  • Grammer-driven convertation of text into phonemes (for German texts)
  • Speech output by the speech generator chip SP0256A-AL2

Complete 4 Computer

Another self-made device: a complete four computer

Performance features:

  • Z80A with 4 MHz
  • Operating system programmed in assembler
  • Choice moves via seven keys, countermoves are displayed via seven LEDs
  • Min-Max countermove algorithm with Alpha-Beta cut
  • Variable depth of countermove computation up to seven moves

Some of my old work survises the times...
(sorry only German work)

Jörg Roth:
Explorationsstrategien für autonome mobile Roboter in Indoor-Umgebungen
Diplomarbeit im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes Mobot-IIIC, Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachbereich Informatik, Dezember 1991
Jörg Roth:
Merkmalextraktion aus Sensordaten mit Hilfe der Krümmungsfunktionn
Projektarbeit im Rahmen des Projekts MOBOT-III, Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachbereich Informatik, Juni 1990
Jörg Roth:
Einführung in natürlichsprachliche Textgenerierung
Seminar „Natürlichsprachliche Systeme“, Universität Kaiserslautern, 1989
Jörg Roth:
Proportionalschrift für den Spectrum
Happy Computer, Mai 1985, 94-95
Jörg Roth:
Stimmbänder für Heimcomputer
Funkschau 21/1984, 71-72
Jörg Roth:
Approximation nach der Methode der kleinsten Fehlerquadrate
Facharbeit, Max-Planck-Gymnasium Trier, 1984

Old Pictures

As a student I conducted a private raytracing project in 1991. The whole story.

Hitchhiker Desktop Church Monument
Museum Easter Island Game Worms
Babel Fish Fortytwo Nutrimatic Bubbles